>Benny Hinn’s Letter About His Divorce

>Several days ago, newspapers around the world reported that evangelist Benny Hinn’s wife had filled for divorce. At that time, the newspapers did give give a reason for the divorce.

Benny Hinn has written a letter to his supporters in which he seeks to provide an explanation for his wife’s decision to terminate their marriage. In that letter Benny Hinn speaks of his “broken heart” and how he was informed about his wife’s decision.

The following is an excerpt from the letter:

I come to you with a broken heart.

You may have heard by now that my wife, Suzanne, whom I love very much and always will, filed for divorce on February 1. Even though Suzanne has been under great stress, the children and I never expected this to happen.

Divorce was the last thing on my mind and theirs.

It was a total shock when her lawyer called me the morning of February 17 to inform me that she had filed 16 days before. Suzanne never gave the family even a hint that this was on her mind. Even to this moment, the children and I don’t know why she did it.

Read the letter in its entirety here.

HT: Peter Kirk

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