>George W. Bush, King of Iraq

>On Tuesday, June 6, 2006 (06-06-06 or 666 for short), I wrote a post “Is George Bush the 666 (the Antichrist),” which has been the most popular and the most visited post in my blog. Every day people visit this post and many of them leave comments in favor or against the view that George Bush is the Antichrist.

I have answered many of the comments, but several others have been left unanswered. The reason for this is that some of the comments are so off the wall that I did not have the heart to answer. But, in the light of the few last comments, I have decided to answer some of the views left on the post.

Here are some examples of the comments about George Bush and the Antichrist:

Mairia cb48 wrote:

For many come saying “Christ, Christ and know him not and the Baptists hardly live out Ephesians 5 and 6 so they would fall for Bush being a real Christian.

Bush does not bow his head upon Christ’s name nor do what Jesus could do and that is never pick up guns and go to war so Little Horn he just could be as this nation is so lukewarm after the King James and the missing books it would fall for Bush as a Christian.

Book of revelations warns never to add or subtract from the book of god and the protestors a/k/a protesting the covenants of g-d rebellion still goes on.

Read Isaiah 1:21-23 if you want to see us in living black and white.

All our protesting rebellious princes are our presidents and they are representative of the throne continued since king henry viii with the terrorism of divorce allowed still in our land.

Now, what can I say about this comment. She goes on talking about abortion, America as Sodom and Gomorrah, and comparing Bushism with fascism and socialism. To this reader, the real evidence that Bush is the Antichrist is because he allowed abortion to continue while he was the governor of Texas. If abortion is the mark of the Antichrist, then there are many Antichrists living in the world today.

A reader named John wrote:

The Risen Chirst [sic] is the Antichirst, the first beast that had the fatal wound that had been healed. Paul of Tarsus was his false prophet, the second beast who was servent [sic] to the first beast and extended its authority everywhere, making the world and all its people worship the first beast. If you don’t believe me, read the Bible and no! you will not die if you eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, but your eyes will be opened and you will be like gods.

John must either be a secularist, an atheist, or someone who hates Christianity. If by reading the Bible, as he says, one discovers that the Risen Christ is the Antichrist and that Paul of Tarsus was his false prophet, then I wonder how he reads the Bible. However, since he uses the words of the serpent when he wrote that by reading the Bible one’s eyes are open and one becomes like gods, maybe John is, paraphrasing Blake here, on the side of the devil and he does not know it.

An anonymous reader wrote:

I have read Hatchett’s book and have found it to be extremely accurate. I am also a Baptist. Although, W is not Mabus (because Mabus first dies, then the antichrist is revealed) I do believe W is the antichrist. He will fool even the elect, so stay on guard at all times. Pray for everything. Believe in God above all else.

For those who do not know Mabus, he is the Antichrist in the writings of Nostradamus. In modern apocalyptic writings, Mabus has become the anagram for the Antichrist. Some people have identified George Bush with Mabus. This reader believes that George Bush is the Antichrist and that he is deceiving many people.

This was my response to this comment:

Dear Anonymous,

If you believe that Hatchett’s book is extremely accurate, then, you either misread what he wrote or else you want to believe what he wrote. You say that you believe W is the Antichrist. When January 2009 comes, you will discover how wrong you are.

Another reader, F&B wrote:

Clearly, George Bush is not the anti-christ. One person, however, that we really should keep a close eye on is Barack Obama. That guy is really scary. He can talk for an hour, have everyone in the room agreeing with him, and never say a thing of any substance.

I just wonder if the name Barack Obama adds to 666. Probably, what makes some people think Barack Obama is the Antichrist is because he has an infamous middle name: Hussein.

Anonymous wrote:

george walker busche(actual spelling of his name, in english, numerically is: 666) is the antichrist. he has turned nation against nation, regular american people against each other, he has killed countless people and small animals. He talks peace out of one side of his mouth, and death and war out of the other. MABUS(Suddam, anagram for MABUS) has been hung, now or shortly, the antichrist will show his true colors and you will all know what I have suspected all along. Pray and be alert all you elect.

I wrote an answer to this anonymous:

Dear Anonymous,

You and all those who say that George Bush is the Antichrist need to study your Bible a little bit more. Two years from now when Bush leaves the White House and becomes just another ex-President, you and all those who believe that he is the 666 will have a lot of explaining to do. It is because of people who misinterpret the Bible that the world laughs at the church and Christianity.

Anonymous responded to my comment and what he wrote explains the title of my post today. Anonymous wrote:

Don’t get me wrong Dr. I’m not saying that he needs to be the president of anything. He has enough henchmen and money to set him up in any position of government or religion or both at any time. He may leave office and go to Israel as an embassador or something and set himself up there. We are not sure what his actual plans are for the following years. Expect anything from someone who talks peace out of one side of his mouth and war and killing out of the other side. I have read and listened to the entire Bible in book form and through CDs for many years. I don’t necessarily believe in learning a book a verse here and there at a time. A verse may be taken out of context and the verse may loose it’s true meaning. No where in the Bible is the word rapture found. There is some talk of being “caught up” in Luke and some other New Testament books. This I give as an example of the misinterpretation of the Bible by various religious beliefs, not necessarily quoted directly from the Bible. There are many examples of this.

Maybe Bush intends to make himself the King of Iraq, who knows? Just keep a watch and be on guard.

That’s it! The reason George W. Bush is the Antichrist and the reason he invaded Iraq is because George W. Bush wants to become King of Iraq.

It is amazing what people want to believe. Those who are predisposed to believe that George W. Bush is the Antichrist will believe anything else that is presented to them. These and the other comments reveal how gullible some Christians are and how weak their knowledge of the Bible really is.

Many people read the Bible but they cannot understand what they read. To them the Bible is a book full of mysteries that demand explanation and the more esoteric the explanation, the better the explanation becomes.

I do not believe for a moment that George W. Bush is the Antichrist. In a future post I will look at a few more comments and then explain once again the reason I do not believe Bush is the Antichrist.

George W. Bush, the King of Iraq. Amazing!

Claude Mariottini
Professor of Old Testament
Northern Baptist Seminary

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28 Responses to >George W. Bush, King of Iraq

  1. brownpau says:

    >Yup, it’s what happens when a weblog entry gets to the first page of Google search results – the crazy starts pouring in.http://www.google.com/search?q=george+bush+antichrist+666


  2. >Dear Brownpau,Thank you for this information. I believe the popularity of my post has caused the post to be on top of Google’s list. It amazes me how many people are afraid of George W. Bush.Thank you for your comment.Claude Mariottini


  3. dt says:

    >Dr. Mariottini–you are a patient man. I admire your willingness to speak truth to crazy! A very thought provoking post on many levels. dt


  4. Peter Kirk says:

    >I sympathise with your problem. One of my most popular posts is the one where I even suggested that Tony Blair might be the Antichrist. And I waited until he left office (well, an office) before suggesting it.


  5. imhotep says:

    >I’ve consumed many hours of thought, research and intuition on this subject, since childhood. I grew up in a typical middle class, baptist, church every sunday type childhood. I heard many things during that time I didn’t understand, but i never relied on being TOLD the answers, I look for them myself. After years of being disillusioned with so-called christians and christianity, this disillusionment caused me to seek truth. For this i am truly grateful. For in seeking truth I was enlightened and informed on various levels of consciousness, beyond my wildest dreams or expectations. This search and subsequent discovery has put me at odds with many, who call themselves men of God, educators, or prominent men. The Book of Revelations always interested me because of the weird language and phraseology. The phraseology that is similar to that of Nostradamus. The study of Nostradamus opened my eyes to multiple meanings and history of words. This study equipped me to decipher the deeper understandings. I liken it to the concept of a flat earth. Upon first view, of course this is an accurate concept, but only after raising your viewpoint does the curvature express itself. The same is true of consciousness.A couple of things i found made me look at the Bible again with a elevated consciousness…•Until Bush leaves office, I supect him to be the anti-christ (deceiver=decider).I believe that anyone who would fake 911 to his benefit is not beyond trying it again to maintain power. The next911 will also be deception, whatever it is. Keep your mind open now, so that you are not lost in paranoia and hate when the beast makes his next move.What makes an even deeper impression is the false prophet who is mentioned in the Bible. Always in connection with the beast. Cheney fits the false prophet image perfectly. The rise of the False Christian Fascism, who cloak themselves in the name of Jesus, yet respond exactly the opposite. How they are fooled by the false doctrine of the rapture, and this mistake brings them closer to their own destruction.•”The Jews who are not…” refer to the fact that those who call themselve Jews in Israel are actually European ancestors of the Khazars who converted to Judaism in early mid ages. They now call themselves Zionists, Neocons (synagogue of satan) you can almost see the word Nazi in the letters of their name.•”the first shall be last and the last shall be first…” refer to the social pecking order of today. Although I am not a racist in any way, i cannot help but see the end of the minority dominance of the Caucasian Elite over the variations of the Brown (hue-man) world. Its going to take an “act of God” to shake the grip of the New World Order (same order just more harshly enforced because where ever HUEmans are standing, they are in jeopardy of using up the resources, that elite deem to be in their sole possesion. This is another lie amongst a never ending flow of lies and deceptions) It is their intention to maintain control after The End, which is the beginning. 2012 is the countdown date, those of you who have also studied recognize the importance of this date, and the religions of the world reference to this time frame. This is the interpretation the rapture people don’t get. As we move into the Grand Cross, through the center of the universe there will be some kind of emmision that will alter our DNA (this has happened before 25,000 years ago. Those that survive the upheavals prior to this event, “the Meek” at that point will inherit the earth because those that follow after the beast vibration will not make the transition. The “Christ” model, is the proper vibration to make the transition or the “evolution”.Does that mean only Christians? No, that means those who understand the principles of walking with the All, all the time in your heart and mind.Consciousness! That’s not a religion it is reality. In this state, aliens or beings from other dimensions will not disrupt this understanding, only reveal it better. Religion has no answer for this and is manipulated to keep people on a limited plane of consciousness. So the perception of christianity,as it is today is also the broader interpretation the false prophet. The image of the beast is the mass marketed image of Jesus. Designed to elevate the position of the caucasian dominated society in the eyes of themselves and others. Many so called christians say it does not matter what color Jesus is… REALLY? Would these same christians worship him if the image was that of a non-caucasian? I doubt it. What is so bizarre is that the false christians are so self-righteous, so brazenly mistaken , they’ll never see it coming. It will be like a thief in the night, for them. Once the beast is revealed then his mark is also revealed. Those that don’t receive the mark will not be able to buy or sell. I believe this refers to some kind of technological chip embedded in the body. This may impede the “evolution” or the Christos “vibration” emitted from the center of the galaxy. That may explain the use of stone, or natural elements for the megaliths of the ancients. The synthesized may not make the transition. For the have corrupted themselves and the temple(body) of God. If you have attached an alloy or manufactured element to your body it may hinder or neutralize the cosmic effect of the vibration during 2012. Don’t doubt the chip is coming. After the next 911, eveyone will be forced to get it or be considered a potential terrorist. The technology is already here, waiting. The cross is the mark of those that grip steering wheel of the world, and that mark has aided in maintaining that control.Evil uses anything and everthing to deceive even what appers to be good. But as we rise to an even higher consciousness, it is revealed that evil is a part of the All. Evil is the consumer, and plays the neccessary role so that the All is recreated. This process continues till nothing is all, and begins the process yet again. Its a long way back to the All. Some get there quicker than others, but consciousness is the first step.The Tribulations have already begun, as we get closer to 2012, there will those that “snap” You see it more and more in the news. People doing things that are deep in their consciousness.As the pressure builds your true vibration will reveal itself. I pray that you all exorcize your demons now so that you will be at the vibration to evolve into the Christos state. But what seems real now will have a “Kung Fu Grip” on your consciousness,Be ready to let go. Those who study this subject matter are already on the path, because you seek the truth and the knowledge to know what being prepared is. No matter how difficult the next few years be maintain consciousness to the All, treat others with this consciousness. Fear nothing!Imhotep, peace be unto you all


  6. >Imhotep,Thank you for your comments.After reading what you wrote, the only thing I can say to you are the words of Festus to Paul in Acts 26:24: “You are out of your mind, Paul! Too much learning is driving you insane!”


  7. imhotep says:

    >Hmmm, I’m out of my mind. Well it’s not the first time I heard that. But you know who else they said was out of their mind… Ahknaten, Abraham, Moses, Daniel, Enoch, Lot, Jesus, Buddha, Confucius, Copernicus, Galileo, Newton, Matin Luther, Ghandi, MLKing, Einstein, Sagan, Leaky, John Henry Clarke etc. That’s some pretty good company. Are you sure you’re not standing on the ground calling the earth flat? Peruse some of the things I covered and call me out. I’m always open to a challenge or a learning experience, whichever it turns out to be.Perhaps the Khazar, Ashkenazi, European Jew, Zionist, Neocon thing ruffled some feathers. Check it out. While you’re at it perhaps you can opine about the Council of Nicea, how they decided which books got in the Bible. Creative editing no doubt. The history of the image of Jesus, also very interesting. What state John was in when he wrote Revelations, did you know he was under the influence of hallucinogenics? Tell me what sounds crazier… My earlier statements ortalking snakes ” psst Eve check this tree out” paraphrasing. (Genesis) God expressed in the plural sense . “let us create man in our image…”(Genesis) Who did Cain and Abel marry and populate the world with? You can’t start a book off with incest can you? Unless they didn’t consider other people as people, you know like when the declaration of independence was writtenand black people weren’t considered human. The history of eugenics might open your eyes to a few things happening today. Did you know that GW and Kerry are cousins? That while in the Skull and Bones GW name was the Beast? The Bush connection to the Nazis. The Zionist connection to the Nazi’s. Man, you’ve been bamboozled, hoodwinked, led astray.Maybe the 2012 thing hit you funny, check out Time wave Zero by Terrence Mckenna, or Veliskosky. Or maybe you can tell me why the most accurate time keepers in history (the Mayans) calendar stops at Dec. 21, 2012? Cancel Christmas! While we’re on Christmas, why the date of Jesus birth is celebrated the same time pagans celebrated the winter solstice? Or help me understand the 13th horoscope sign, and what it has to do with the Grand Cross. Or why the Book of Enoch was not included in the old testament. Dr. Mariottini, please help this crazy man. Did you know that melanin is an superb electric conductor? Why would brown to black skin be so conductive to electric impulses? Hmmm. I mean no disrespect my knowledgeble brother, but instead of calling me insane, just call me out. Maybe just maybe by raising your consciousness you might see the curvature of the earth and get out of the Flatlands.I hope and pray Bush & Cheney step down with no incident, but unfortunatley their administration is filled with so much corruption and decadence that they’ll need a distraction to escape or seize total control so no one can uncover their “bestial” aspirations. One day you’ll look back over what I wrote earlier and say maybe that brother wasn’t so insane after all.Peace and loveimhotep


  8. >imhotep,I will respond to you on January 21, 2009 to say that Bush was not the Antichrist. And I will write again in 2013 to say that the world is still here.Claude Mariottini


  9. imhotep says:

    >It’s a date. I hope you’re the one that is correct by the way. Being accurate on this subject matter is not praiseworthy. But I’m not going to relax till GW is safely out the door, down the driveway and headed out of town. The more reality turns against him, the harder he scraps. I don’t see him stepping down easy. WWW3 would be a hell of a distraction, I think he’s the only president that’s ever actually said WWW3. (side bar)Napauleon Roy (Napoleon) Hister (Hitler) Mabus (Mr. Bush, AMerican Bush, gw bush) The 3 anti-christs according to Nostradamus. His apparent misspellings point to a deeper clue to their actual identity.imhotep


  10. >Imhotep,I will be writing to you again on this topic on January 21, 2009. Until then, keep in touch.Claude Mariottini


  11. imhotep says:

    >Lets hope we can speak freely on the internet on that day. Lets hope there is an internet on that day. Let me ask you this Dr. Mariottini… Do you think 911 was an inside job? A black-ops designed as an excuse to roll in a police state? Designed to reduce or eliminate the role of the constitution. Also as a land grab to secure US oil interests in the near future, without raising the suspicions from other world leaders?That’s the first step down the rabbit hole. An example i like to use: If you were in your office and somebody told you your car was on fire, wouldn’t you immediately hop up to deal with it? Now, if you were in on the car fire, as an insurance scam, and you knew at 2pm sombody was going to light your car on fire, how would you react then?Some assistant leans over to tell you “Your car is on fire!” A smart criminal would at least to pretend the news was alarming. Not GW, During the very beginning of 911 he acted in that grammar school classlike Andy Card told him something he already knew. Or at least anticipated. You know I got a million resources to back me up on this, but just from GW’s reaction, deep down in your heart you know there was something peculiar about his response? There are a million points i could lay on you but the first step is recognizing that it is possible. An considering the lying, and fear-mongering since, is it that hard to believe now?Doesn’t that qualify as an Anti-Christ wannabe. Killing your own people to enable a foreign policy? Hitler did it. So did Napoleon. Evidently thats the first step toward Anti-Christdom.Imhotep


  12. Anonymous says:

    >imhotep, great info on this subject, although I am hoping the subject goes out of style soon. gw bush has played far too many War Games with the world. He has disrupted our balance for peace and prosperity on this earth. He has one more entire year left in office. He can do much more damage to us during this time. His Hard Work in the past 7 years has certainly paid off for him. What a Schmuck he is.


  13. Colibus says:

    >He and she who read may hark my words unto theine sleeves. About the time of recreated’s all comes to clean and be instants of bath’ed. Out of the said words I did not utter, the tounges in the mouth started to spudder. Come to the vine of the roots are a sprouted, truely a marvel any insurmounted, can and are willeth not but and or are is to be forgot. Had we a mind to stencil our dribbles, prior they get what we aught to have, not… Yes it is in not knowing that our trancendances upon to and fro’ the lands and oceans that we go are made of lies that which do not die, waking to stir all into the cry. The sputtered lips sink in the tounge a beseeching of the chosen one. Glasses of full and have nots to rule, the blood of thy shepard has not come come true. Come Come to be you, an bortherly petistol of now our regrettedful, chambers wake and slither to escape, and rowing we do, not less we , yes, musn’t forgive those untied shoe(imhotep, leveth me not as they hateth us, I love you brother)


  14. >Colibus,After reading what you wrote, I do not whether I should laugh or cry.Claude Mariottini


  15. >I had just written and it did not come to the screen. I will retype the thoughts. Dr. please go to this site and read what I popsted here, as the same on this site: http://www.israeltoday.co.il/default.aspx?tabid=178&nid=15324 . The word I favor most, for it is the of my second name I had uncovered. In 2004 I first posted with the use "Creathius", and none elswhere had this name appeared, not book, not google, nowhere. I made the name. I posted it on a game site called Gamespot, I gave a review of the game in the name of Creathius. Colibus was a name I had given my self prior years in my youth. My real name is Colin. The word Create is not allowed on the site of israeltoday? yes, not I answer for it answers that way. Dr. of testimonies please look there, here: http://www.israeltoday.co.il/default.aspx?tabid=178&nid=15324. The cry and laugh is cancellation of effect had we, yes do have hope and not much froth of faith, that none words are his her not I not you, a demise.


  16. Colin says:

    >I am Man Hear Me SpeakIn pretext of all thosebefore me.It is white paper – an opaquescrib . Light it touched communicateswith each – each letter each light inmy mind the electro stabilizedcurrent beaming my drummed handto it. All Those Men – Mine identityunfurles into mystic trachouryof unholyness non granded expolationof this – All words deemed response.Able are this these words of to indemnity indemocrifiedcondeming Identity. Creatures spellthe poem before us. As to I am Just JustSemi collinHemper StanpherdSon of Religion Written unwritten of worlds not yet lived inThese sad words are as is they beNothing to Everything Non diety constrainedful the piety>See S>with I>yes we> do >Simply> I>______The word is in of the above withoutforclos they gave to hath becomethfroth ly say above.This is my final messageIt was to be said todaya happy sad mad glad feverHazingBlas phemousPad of the untruth yee all shall to None be to be of All then say had.Love is drought Air with outgone are trees I can said L I V E In Cloud.


  17. C says:

    >unholiness is holiness. Doctor, it’s all unbiblical, and it only seems to have tangency of mine or else connection of question that which coincides vailincy in the past : grand be the bibles : that tangency of answers that may WE one soon event that the bible as it will of it having then now is whole. I have designed a machine to release energy from the non motive source. I know who is 666. Help me.


  18. Creathius says:



  19. >Creathius,How can I help you?Claude Mariottini


  20. >To the people who are leaving comments that are objectionable:If you guys want to talk to one another, go visit another site.Claude Mariottini


  21. Colin says:

    >My tangent hits the pitch. You all hear me. Indefinable dialog


  22. >Dr. Mariottini, per chance you may soon get, please do listen to the song “Trouble”- by ColdPlay. A simple youtube jaunt and seach of Trouble ColdPlay should take just a short few minutes of your evening, If you would return me a message here on the blog I would recieve a comment of yours or a request may I? Tell me 1 song in retrospect to me for listening.CAM


  23. >Burris will be seated. I’m awaiting my answer. Dear Sir, I would like a reply on my subject. Does an almighty power have to? Siezed by Times Tole why have you taken ridence, – or simply perhaps, lost time itself the chance to speak to me… dear brother no accordance with the bizzare grant me health I know you are. Does an almighty power SIR take breath for me to stir, from open sea gates to trailing leadways my heart will always wonder though quest it not let it be forgot I will always be you brother. Roses foil Roots climb don’t hister me my frother… we do not agree/@/Ψ


  24. >Barack Hussein Obama IIB+A- R-A+C* K*H+ U+ S* S-E+I+ N- O+B+A* M*A+I+I = 6662+1-18-1+3*11*8+21+19*19-5+9+14-15+2+1*13*1+9+9 = 666Note: Follow the usual math rules and do the multiplications first.Of course, you can do that with just about any name there is.


  25. >The KJV Bible makes a clear statement that Bush and number 666 go hand in hand. See- http://www.outersecrets.com/real/biblecode2.htmYes he was defeated, but he stll was what he was. Now he is side tracking trying to attempt to spread the blame upon others as well.


  26. Colibus says:

    >ARISTOTLE IS WAS IS THE BEAST FOLKS I KNOW ALOT OF INTERESTING THINGS, THIS COPYRIGHT I TAKE CREDIT, NO WHERE ELSE YOU WILL SEE THIS BUT ROOT FROM ME<> ADD SUBRACT ADD,. though its not how I came to it, I as wondering AND CHECKED IT, For My year of birth 1978,.>Too inverted is some close to 1879 Albert Einstien Born,. ARISTOTLE BORN DIED 384BC 322bC Can I get famous NOW? Cre/~\thius Colin


  27. Colibus says:

    >Antos Murphy Colin GRAVITY IS INERTIOSTATICS ZERO-PLANK Allowanceeach pint of space within A FIELD,. Whhen the field becomes INERTIA RAVELED(Lie SUN is somewhere the BLACKHOLE(s) IT MAKES, and Not or Holes AND, Aftertthe calling of MATTER through LINES of FIELD, THE INERTIA COMBINED, after gravity centeers it in he ring of Revolution SAY as SUN is to a Star, that they,(QUANTUM JUMP) like the eletron. Colin Antos Murphy


  28. Colibus says:

    >I have a grand Machine


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