>Jim West’s New Degrees

>Jim West is a very popular blogger. This is the reason 303,539 people have visited his blog (by now that number must be much larger) and 168 blogs link to his blog. I think Jim’s popularity is the reason people like to debate with him (they need additional hits for their blogs).

Maybe, it is because of Jim’s popularity that Michael F. Bird bestowed on Jim West three new degrees. In addition to his Th.D., which Jim earned, Michael bestowed on Jim the titles of OBE, QC, and a third one.

If you don’t know what OBE is (I did not know), click here.

If you don’t know what QC is (I did not know either), click here and look at # 2.

As for the third one, you better visit Michael’s blog and look under “Christian Blogs.”

I want to congratulate Jim for the first two degrees.

Claude Mariottini
Professor of Old Testament
Northern Baptist Seminary


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