The Bible Comes to Disney World

The Murfreesboro Post of Tennessee is reporting that Bible Park USA will be built in Rutherford County’s Blackman community in Tennessee. This non-denominational park will display stories and events of the Bible and present a cultural history of Israel.

According to the promoters, Bible Park will depict well-known Bible stories with the quality of Disney World and the size of Dollywood. The park will have a section dedicated to Old Testament themes and a section with New Testament themes.

According to the article, these are some of the displays in Bible Park USA:

  • An entry similar to the Gates of Jericho. Visitors will walk over a bridge and view the Dead Sea and the Sea of Galilee.
  • An exhibit similar to an Imax presentation that simulates flying over the Judean desert, hovers over the Temple in Jerusalem before its destruction, and flies over hanging gardens of Babylon and the Great Pyramid and other attractions of ancient Egypt.
  • A Tree of Life and a Tree of Knowledge will be included in a pastoral Garden of Eden. Adam and Eve will be depicted lying on the ground. Visitors may have their own interpretation of creation or evolution.
  • The Exodus experience features waves of water that will provide a water screen to show the movie of “Exodus.” Moses will stand before the flames of the burning bush.
  • Children will play through a depiction of Noah’s ark while actors dressed as animals will help recount that biblical story.
  • In the New Testament area, the Bible will be inscribed on stone tablet walls much like the Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial in Washington, D.C. Visitors may use the walls to study the Bible.
  • Tour guides will dress like the movie “Indiana Jones” character.

There is a rampant problem with biblical illiteracy in the USA. Bible Park USA will just compound the problem.

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3 Responses to The Bible Comes to Disney World

  1. tuffy says:

    >dr. mariottini – first of all… i completely agree with the statement that there is a huge issue with biblical illiteracy. could you expand on how this will expand the problem?i have to admit, my first impulse when i saw the start of this post was “oh, gosh no…” but as i read through your description it didn’t sound as bad as i was expecting. i don’t see it as something that would do much of anything to help the problem, but i’m curious how it will hurt it.thanks…much love,tuffy


  2. >Tuffy,Thank you for your comments. Let me give a few examples of the problems the park may create:when visitors walk over the bridge and view the Dead Sea and the Sea of Galilee, they will believe that the two places are very close to each other. Or, when people fly over the Judean desert, hover over the Temple in Jerusalem, fly over the hanging gardens of Babylon and the Great Pyramid of ancient Egypt, they will never realize that these places are in different continents.Worse, still, it is the fact that tour guides will be dressed like Indiana Jones. Indianan Jones does not belong in the Bible.Thank you for your comment.Claude Mariottini


  3. tuffy says:

    >gotcha… thanks. i was just wondering what you were thinking there. :)much love,tuf


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