1. Preaching on Messianic Prophecies

2. Studies on Amos

3. Studies on Antony Flew

4. Studies on Deborah

5. Studies on God and the Problem of Natural Evil

6. Studies on Hezekiah, King of Judah

7. Studies on Hosea

8. Studies on Immanuel Velikovsky’s “Worlds in Collision”

9. Studies on Isaiah 7:14 and the Sign of Immanuel

10. Studies on Jeremiah and Hananiah

11. Studies on Left-handedness in the Hebrew Bible

12. Studies on Micah the Prophet

13. Studies on Moses

14. Studies on Old Testament Mothers

15. Studies on the Death of Bathsheba’s Child

16. Studies on the Deuteronomic Concern for Women

17. Studies on the God of the Old Testament

18. Studies on the God Who Loses

19. Studies on the Long Day of Joshua

20. Studies on the Name of God

21. Studies on the Mutilation of Women in the Hebrew Bible

22. Studies on the Religious Reforms of Josiah

23. Studies on the Women Prophets in the Old Testament

24. Studies on Transvestism in Ancient Israel

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