Is George Bush the 666 (the Antichrist)?

Today, according to many people, is the day of the Antichrist. Today is the sixth day of the sixth month of the sixth year of the new millennium. Today is 06-06-06 or 666 for short.

This is also the day the Omen, a remake of the 1976 horror classic The Omen opens in theaters. The movie is the story of an American official who realizes that his young son may literally be the devil incarnate.

There are many theories of who the Antichrist will be. A novel theory proposed by Stephen Hanchett is that the President of the United States, George W. Bush, is the Antichrist. In his Web page, Bush Is the Antichrist, he wrote:

“I submit to you that George Walker Bush is the ANTI-CHRIST. The violence and destruction that began when Bush first entered office, is now certain to culminate in the apocalypse, as predicted in the Bible over 2,000 years ago.”

In his blog, Is Bush the Antichrist?, Hanchett also calls for the impeachment of the president. He wrote:

“Bush’s crimes against America, and against our democracy, against Iraq, and against the world, against humanity and against God cannot be swept under the rug. We cannot simply wait for the next election or the one after that and hope that things will change. The longer he’s in power, the more innocent blood we have on our hands, and the more difficult it becomes to ever redeem ourselves as a nation.”

Putting politics aside, my desire is to study the biblical evidence Hanchett uses to prove that George Bush is the Antichrist. He provides evidence to prove his contention that the President is the Antichrist. One is them is taken from Revelation 13:8, a passage that reveals the number of the Beast, 666. The other is taken from Daniel 7:7-8, a passage that describes the beast in Daniel’s vision.

666: The Number of the Beast

In order to prove that George Bush is the Antichrist, Hanchett uses the letters of the name George Bush and compares them with the numerical equivalent using the Hebrew alphabet. The following is his calculation for the number 666. According to him, if the letters in the name George Bush are added up, the name in Hebrew letters comes out to 666:

G = 3 (gimel)
e = 5 (heh)
o = 70 (ayin)
r = 200 (resh)
g = 3 (gimel)
e = 5 (heh)

B = 2 (beth)
u = 70 (ayin)
s = 300 (shin)
h = 8 (cheth)
total = 666 (Antichrist)

This use of numbers surely seems to prove his point. The only problem (and it is a big one) is that his calculations of the symbolism of the name do not correspond to the correct value in the Hebrew alphabet.

For instance, he uses the vowel “e” in George to correspond to the consonant ה (he) in Hebrew, but the English “e” and the Hebrew he are not the same.

Hanchett uses the vowels “o” in George and the “u” in Bush to correspond to the consonant ע (‘ayin) in Hebrew but the “o” and the “u” in English are not the same as the Hebrew ‘ayin.

Hanchett used the “h” in Bush to correspond to the ח (het) in Hebrew. However, it is more probable that the “sh” in Bush is really the שּׁ (shin) in Hebrew, since it carries the “sh” sound.

Hanchett then concludes: “I would challenge anyone to find another powerful world leader, either now or in the past, whose name adds up to 666 in Hebrew. Unlike Hebrew, the the [sic] letters of the English alphabet don’t automatically have a numeric value.”

The truth is, the name George W. Bush does not add up to 666 in Hebrew.

The Little Horn in Daniel

As for his evidence for the beast of Daniel and the little horn, Hanchett wrote:

“This beast is the image of a world empire– the final world empire, and the one that gives rise to the Antichrist. Its body is likened to a leopard, because according to Victorinus, a father of the early church ‘This signifies the kingdom of that time of Antichrist, and the people mingled with the variety of nations.’ The spots on the leopard are representative of a multi-national, multi-racial and multi-cultural ‘melting pot.’ This was once the case with Rome, and it is currently the case with the United States of America. The mouth is like a lion because Americans speak English, and the United States was once an English colony, and England has always been represented by a lion on the Royal Coat of Arms of the United Kingdom. The bear is a symbol of Russia, and the bear-like feet of the beast is symbolic of the fact that the only other superpower for forty years was the Russian bear, but now the US is walking all over what was formerly Russian territory, and it now has its ‘feet’, or military bases planted in countries that were once part of the USSR, like Uzbekistan and Kyrgistan.”

“It says this beast comes out of the sea, and this is a reference to the fact that the New World was discovered by navigators like Columbus. The United States came out of the sea in the sense that at the time of St. John’s vision, it was widely assumed that the only thing west of Europe and east of the orient was a lot of water and the end of the world. So the United States, as part of the ‘New World’, seemed from the perspective of the Biblical or ‘Old World’, to come up and literally rise out of the sea.”

“It’s obvious that the horns represent the powerful men who have come to successively rule over this American empire. Daniel even says so quite explicitly Dan 7: 24 >the ten horns are ten kings who will come from this kingdom. After them another king will arise, different from the earlier ones. (the Antichrist) America acquired superpower status and gained the reach of a world class Empire when it acquired the nuclear bomb, at the very end of WWII. Since then there have been exactly ten >kings= or post war presidents: Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, BushSr, and Clinton. The prophecy from Daniel says that after these ten presidents, there will appear another one, an arrogant ‘little horn’, which is the Antichrist, George W Bush Jr. It says this ‘little horn’ is unlike any of the other ten presidents, and this is an obvious reference to the fact that Bush has no popular mandate, that he lost the popular vote, and was appointed to the office by five un elected judges on the Supreme Court. This has never happened before in American history, and that’s what makes him so different from all his presidential predecessors – that and his arrogance, dishonesty and lust for world power.”

Anyone familiar with the interpretation of the book of Daniel realizes that most of the interpretation above is nonsense. The book of Daniel is an apocalyptic book that was written to inspire the Jewish community to endure the hardships the community was facing because of the oppressive policies of Antiochus Epiphanes.

The exegetical methodology used by Hanchett is called “eisegesis.” According to the Wikipedia,

“Eisegesis is the process of interpretation of an existing text in such a way as to introduce one’s own ideas. This is best understood when contrasted with exegesis. While exegesis draws out the meaning from the text, eisegesis occurs when a reader reads his/her interpretation into the text. As a result, exegesis tends to be objective when employed effectively while eisegesis is regarded as highly subjective.”

This is what Hanchett has done: he has introduced his own hatred of Bush into the biblical text. When people introduce their own views and ideas into the text, we call it “bad interpretation.” What Hanchett wrote is real bad interpretation and it does not deserve a passing grade.

It is amazing how George W. Bush is hated by so many people. This President has inspired more hostile criticism, hatred, vilification, and vituperation than any other President in recent time, including Johnson and Nixon put together. People may disagree with the President and his policies, the war in Iraq, and his views on a multitude of issues, but to call the President “the Devil’s Spawn” is going beyond the norms of civility.

My conclusion: Hanchett’s interpretation is wrong, it is biased, and it has no biblical foundation. The President of the United States is not the Devil’s Spawn. He is a man who is trying to do what he thinks is best for America and that is his right as the President. While Hanchett disagrees with Bush, he has to remember that there are millions of Americans who agree with the President.

Claude Mariottini
Professor of Old Testament
Northern Baptist Seminary


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  1. Rob Vitaro says:

    >Not to mention the fact that many people think that the antichrist will deceive a great majority of the world, and will think he’s the greatest thing since Bill Clinton.Wait…JUST KIDDING!Seriously though, too many people hate Bush already for him to be the antichrist. Not to mention the fact that he claims Jesus is Lord, which you can’t do except by the power of the Holy Spirit.Typical hatemongering of the left, plain and simple.

  2. >RobI agree with you. People hate Bush because he is a believer who makes a real effort to live by the teaching of God’s Word. Jesus had already warned believers about the world’s rejection: “The people of the world will hate you because you belong to me” (John 15:21 21).Thank you for your comments.Claude Mariottini

  3. mairiacb48 says:


  4. Phil says:

    >From my interpretation of Scripture, I am convinced the Antichrist will come spewing large numbers of exclamation marks. I’ve been reading MAIRIACB48’s interesting post and and OH NO! IT MUST BE HIM!

  5. >Phil,A little sense of humor can help us deal with extreme positions taken by readers like mairiacb48. Thank you for the way you approached the views he expressed in his comment.Claude Mariottini

  6. John says:

    >== Risen Christ is Antichrist ==The Risen Chirst is the Antichirst, the first beast that had the fatal wound that had been healed.Paul of Tarsus was his false prophet, the second beast who was servent to the first beast and extended its authority everywhere, making the world and all its people worship the first beast.If you don’t believe me, read the Bible and no! you will not die if you eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, but your eyes will be opened and you will be like gods. ~~~~John~~~~

  7. Anonymous says:

    >G. Bush as the devil is not likely, however I have no doubt that we ar in the ends of times, evil against good. No matter the difference of opinion I think everyone will agree that Islamist are burning and killing all around the globe, and that soon they will own Europe… (It’s statistic, 10 million or so in france today will be a majority in 20 years) So I think this is the begining only of a very long war. Bush may be a bad stratege, but I think the intention was sound. My views in the future: Iran will be stopped from developping nuclear capabilities, however, it will unite with Irak and Syria and soon all arab countries will join under its lead (a lot for fear to loose what they have). Europe will know some chaos from time to time, until it falls most definitly. It is likely Arab country will end by owning nuclear devices and that Israel will be their first taget. It is presumeable that Israel will retaliate in the same manner and that all middle East will fall before the rise of the new Europe against the US first then the rest of the world.Yes this is a dark picture, but as i said, i believe we’re in the ends of time, but just the begining…

  8. Anonymous says:

    >For all the fools that think they can eradicate the world from Jews, I suggest you read the Jewish history, and see how many times nations have tried that, and see what nation or civilization has tried and is still present to talk about it >> NONE not the philistine, not the great civilzation of the egyptian, not the roman empire, not the Reich, NONE. this time will be the same, Iran should be carefull, G.D doesn’t like it when his people hurt too much. It is their path to get it harder than others, but whoever rises against them will fall faster than they have risen.>>> Only history, based ob fact, not my opinion…

  9. cathy says:

    >the actual real spelling is George Walker Busche, his grandfather Prescott Busche who worked and sympathized with the nazis first spelled his name that way, when moving to america, he changed it to Bush.

  10. Anonymous says:

    >I have read Hatchett’s book and have found it to be extremely accurate. I am also a Baptist. Although, W is not Mabus (because Mabus first dies, then the antichrist is revealed) I do believe W is the antichrist. He will fool even the elect, so stay on guard at all times. Pray for everything. Believe in God above all else.

  11. >Dear Cathy,Thank you for visiting my blog and for your comment. I did not know about the changing in the spelling of Bush’s name. The changing in spelling that does not change the fact that the 666 calculation is still wrong.Claude Mariottini

  12. >Dear Anonymous,If you believe that Hatchett’s book is extremely accurate, then, you either misread what he wrote or else you want to believe what he wrote. You say that you believe W is the Antichrist. When January 2009 comes, you will discover how wrong you are.Claude Mariottini

  13. Anonymous says:

    >he will fool even the elect

  14. F&B says:

    >Clearly, George Bush is not the anti-christ. One person, however, that we really should keep a close eye on is Barack Obama. That guy is really scary. He can talk for an hour, have everyone in the room agreeing with him, and never say a thing of any substance.

  15. Anonymous says:

    >A different AnonymousSounds like some people need to stop reading other books and learn some hermeneutics and do some serious eschatology. Just an idea if you want anyone to give you credibility. But right hermeneutical study is key.

  16. Anonymous says:

    >george walker busche(actual spelling of his name, in english, numerically is: 666) is the antichrist. he has turned nation against nation, regular american people against each other, he has killed countless people and small animals. He talks peace out of one side of his mouth, and death and war out of the other. MABUS(Suddam, anagram for MABUS) has been hung, now or shortly, the antichrist will show his true colors and you will all know what I have suspected all along. Pray and be alert all you elect.

  17. >Dear Anonymous,You and all those who say that George Bush is the Antichrist need to study your Bible a little bit more. Two years from now when Bush leaves the White House and becomes just another ex-President, you and all those who believe that he is the 666 will have a lot of explaining to do. It is because of people who misinterpret the Bible that the world laughs at the church and Christianity.Claude Mariottini

  18. Anonymous says:

    >Don’t get me wrong Dr. I’m not saying that he needs to be the president of anything. He has enough henchmen and money to set him up in any position of government or religion or both at any time. He may leave office and go to Israel as an embassador or something and set himself up there. We are not sure what his actual plans are for the following years. Expect anything from someone who talks peace out of one side of his mouth and war and killing out of the other side. I have read and listened to the entire Bible in book form and through CDs for many years. I don’t necessarily believe in learning a book a verse here and there at a time. A verse may be taken out of context and the verse may loose it’s true meaning. No where in the Bible is the word rapture found. There is some talk of being “caught up” in Luke and some other New Testament books. This I give as an example of the misinterpretation of the Bible by various religious beliefs, not necessarily quoted directly from the Bible. There are many examples of this. Maybe Bush intends to make himself the King of Iraq, who knows? Just keep a watch and be on guard. Thank you Dr. for your prompt replies. May God keep us all thinking about possibilities because anything is possible.

  19. Anonymous says:

    >The fact of the matter is that it is quite irrelevant whether Bush is the antichrist or not – he is one of the most evil and deceptive men in modern history. I do not believe he cares for anyother living soul except his own and quite frankly his behaviour is sociopathic (in that he has not got the ability to empathise with human being). The proof is in the deaths of the innocent people of iraq and his own troops. Which brings me to the deluded christian right wingers – im really sorry but war is mutually exclusive to the teachings of christ. And any christian who supports Bush has the blood of hundreds of thousand of innocent people staining their soul – so good luck with that when you meet your maker.

  20. Anonymous says:

    >you could not be more right.

  21. >Dear Anonymous,The problem with your email is that you make several assumptions that are wrong. You assume that I support wars, which I do not. Your evaluation of people who support Bush is also wrong.You even assume that I support Bush’s conduct of the war, which I don’t. My post was not to defend Bush or to support the war. My post was just to show how wrong people can be when they twist the truth to prove their point.War is wrong and evil because it kills innocent people. But, at times, war can be a necessary evil. When the Germans were bombing London into oblivion and looting Paris and when the Japanese were killing thousands of people, no one objected when the US entered the war. Bush may be evil but where was the cry of disgust when Hussein killed thousands of his own people? Or where is the cry of disgust today against the people in Iraq who are murdering thousands of their own people? Maybe the US should leave Iraq and deprive the people there of the democratic freedom that allows you to write the words you wrote in your emailClaude Mariottini

  22. Anonymous says:

    >Dr., Have you seen the documentary Jesus Camp yet? It’s a don’t miss seeing for all pentecostal christians. Very scary documentary indeed. I recommend you see it before you make anymore comments about gw bush. The elect should be stunned by the idol worship this documentary presents.

  23. Anonymous says:

    >my, my, now who is doing the flip flopping, Dr.? You should have voted for Kerry in 2004. After all the right wingers couldn’t wait to get those flip flopper words out of their mouths. Now it seems most right wingers are flip floppers themselves. What lies you all tell. FLIP FLOPPERS!

  24. >Dear Anonymous,I have not seen the documentary “Jesus Camp” yet. Where can I find it? I have a question for you: why are so many Christians afraid of George Bush? He is not the Antichrist. He is only a man!Thank you for visiting my blog.Claude Mariottini

  25. >Dear Anonymous,Why are you calling me a “flip flopper?” I did not flip or flop in anything. The only think I have done was to show that George Bush is not the Antichrist because his name does not add to 666. Flip floppers are those people who actually voted for the war before they voted against it.You accuse me of being a right winger even though you have no idea where I stand politically. This is the reason I do not discuss politics in my blog.I hope you visit my blog again.Claude Mariottini

  26. Anonymous says:

    >I do not think George Bush is the Antichrist. Most predictions of Antichrist is doomed to fail. Because christians are lacking wisdom. I am a christian myself , but I should confess that the christianity around me is more parrot talk. Look at what Jesus himself answered about end times. He did not say a specific year or a time. Why? If we believe Christ to be the God incarnate, do you think that he doesnt know the answer? But rather he did not want to tell. Because imagine if he said Antichrist is going to come 4532 years after me. All men will feel some amount of complacency. when they are living so far away from the predicted time. For a real antichrist to come, the power should be concentrated into one place. “One World”, that is far from our current times anyway. Secondly, the Antichrist should be more in line with the pope or a muslim imam. I am not saying either of them is the antichrist. But their influence typically transcends national boundaries. So if they say some thing, billions of people all over the world follow it. Only such a structure can breeed antichrist. He doesnt grow on all soil. So please mark my word all who say there comes the antichrist, you are all wrong. Bush will go out of office like any normal president and live to be old and die. Nothing more and nothing less. Please wake up guys. And do some real thinking!!-A Friend in Christ.PS: I am not a Republican , I am not even an American.

  27. Anonymous says:

    >Dear Dr. You can rent Jesus Camp at any video store. Also, you are from Brazil, why are so many Brazillians protesting Bush’s upcoming visit? Maybe they are seeing and hearing something about him you are missing. Scooter Libby had what was coming to him. Now, if bush pardons him, you will know what kind of a person our president is. maybe you will finally see. Many antichrists are out there, not only him, but he’s in high office, which is pretty scarey. I am enjoying your blogs and I respect you as a Dr. and a person. I don’t know everything, this is true. Being based in Lombard, IL gave the impression that you were citizenized here in America. Sorry about that. No one knows the time or date or much about the second coming of Christ except what is written in the Bible. I look to the skies and I await his return. As do you.

  28. Anonymous says:

    >I do not see any biblical characteristic of the antichrist in the life of president Bush.The antichrist is a religious figure who will show wonders and miracles that could deceive many to follow him (if possible the elect ones). Besides, I expect the antichrist to have a tricking whose appearance will be of gentle-looking, loving and caring for the world peace.Hoever,to think George Bush, (even if he comes as a winged angel), will be accepted as a Messaiah and peace maker by the people of Afghanistan or Iraq, is just a foolish idea. It is just like the Jews people wait for Hitler as their promised deliverer.

  29. >There is a calculation that actually works if you spell his name (George W.) the way it sounds using 2 j’s instead of G’s, and if you use the other popular calculator using OUR alphabet and assign A=6, b=12, c=18, and so on.You have to spell it Jeorje W BushActually, I have plugged hundreds and even thousands of names into this equation on a simple computer program and NOBODY EVER got the 666 equivelent, until I supplanted the G’s. So, that is a bit of a coincidence in my eyes… So there HAS to be a reason to use J’s instead of G’s, I just don’t know a very compelling one. If the prophecy is correct, it will be “calculated” by a man who “understands”. Well, I can calculate it with my understanding. EXCEPT I don’t understand the J / G. So someone out there, if you know a reason to use J instead of G, let me know. Is there any reason such as G sounds like a J in hebrew, or anything like that? Maybe Daniel or Isiah or whoever “witnessed” the prophecy was told the name and he calculated it the way it sounded??? I know I’m reaching. I’d be interested to see if anyone has a scientific / socio-linguistic / or any other reason to switch the G’s – ANYONE???? You have to admit, from the prophecy, it isn’t going to be something that EVERYONE is able to get right off the bat, it will probably be some weird kind of “ah-ha” moment that ends up explaining how to calculate it or what to calculate and why. so, I am just throwing this out there, hoping it might stick to something.

    • Mr. Calculator: It is my understanding that phonetically although some languages do have the letter “G” it is not a “soft G” or a “hard G” as in the English language. Any G is pronounced a soft G, and there is no hard G sound at all. Because a soft G is the same sound as a J, the J becomes unnecessary and may not even be a separate letter by itself in this type of language. i grew up in an Italian-speaking family and this is my own observance and experience with the Italian language.

  30. kai says:

    >Hmmm.. interesting, my “word verification” that I had to type in in order to post my comment began gwb- it was gwbpiuz. Don’t know if that is significant… :)Anyway, I’d like to add the comment that GWB is pretty scary. If you look at the facts, and the cover ups, I would never say that he is a Christian. In fact, I guess few would be considering that the way “is narrow and there are few that find it” We have to be careful to keep the words of scripture in mind at all times and thus more effectively live out our faith.I do believe that whoever is the antichrist will not be long in coming and could well come from whomever is behind the Bush shenanigans. I’m not saying that Bush is the anti-christ, but he is a not very smart and sometimes charming puppet.An interesting thing happened to me about 8 or 9 years ago when I was at the zoo. I had taken my son’s grade 7 class there on a field trip and let them go on their own while I decided to sit in front of the tiger cage and continue my morning Bible reading. It just happened to be Revelation 13. When I read about the beast having the mouth of a lion, I realized that the lion cage was right next door.So, I took a look at the visual aid that God had provided me. Interesting. The mouth of a lion. That was when I also realized that the tiger also had the same mouth. Exactly. Kind of square. Not really catlike or leopard like, because I also checked out the leopard cage. It suddenly hit me that the tiger himself had these huge feet like a bear. He had the mouth of a lion, and his markings could be compared to those of a leopard. Hmm! I speculated that perhaps John was only writing exactly what he saw in front of him – a tiger, because he had no word for a tiger, having never seen one in his life before. When I got home, I checked it out. Sure enough, there were no tigers in John’s time or locality.I am making no guesses based on this, but I keep it in mind, as it seemed that the Lord Himself was speaking to me,saying,”It will be obvious when you see it happen. Then you will know.”And I agree, it will deceive the “very elect, IF IT WERE POSSIBLE” Let us all keep this in mind, as I do believe the time is short.All this stuff about the Security Prosperity Partnership and the North American Union and the New World Order that Bush pushes, well, maybe that ex-presidency that you claim is coming will in fact be because presidency is null and void. And he indeed might declare himself leader, or anyone else for that matter, because in the interests of security and safety.. [read: "peace and safety" as in the bible - "when they shall be saying peace and safety, sudden destruction will come upon them"]they may decide it is in our best interests to be all one global happy family and have an appointed leader or whatever they see fit.Just a few words to think about…May God bless you.

  31. Anonymous says:

    >Awhile back, I wrote about Scooter Libby, now bush has commuted his sentence to no jail time. bush refuses to let vp cheney be questioned under oath about the CIA agent’s name being leaked to the press or any other vp dealings. bush called himself a dictator on May 26, 07. bush takes executive priviledge on a daily basis. He vetos everything that the dems. vote on, he claims to be bipartisan, that’s a lie. What is HE? What does he have planned next for us? bush’s name alone brings terror to my heart. I’m more afraid of him than I am the terrorists that stupidly blow up things out there in this world. Maybe he’s behind some of the terrorist attacks we’re seeing on the news. You never know! And where is Condaleeza Rice? What the heck is going on here? I was never good at math, so I can’t figure out the numbers 666. All I can say now is, I was right about what bush was planning for Scooter Libby. Todays Christians seem to be spending more time reading the Left Behind Series, A Purpose Driven Life, The Da Vinci Codes etc. than they do actually reading the Bible. Maybe they should get back to basics and stop reading all that fiction.

  32. >When I first saw the world famous film Conan The Barbarian, I knew then, based on my years of research on The Bible, the occult/satanists/secret societies, and all the other banned texts from The Bible, that The Biblical Antichrist was a man named Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger.That entire movie was a Satanic/occultist New Age Nazi Atlantean propaganda story about the rise of The Antichrist. Watch it, and realize the story, the hidden meaning, then look at Arnold himself.I have watched this man very closely since this time and he has slowly and steadily ascended to his Antichrist throne.George W. Bush is The Biblical False Prophet. The most vile and evil liar I have ever seen. He will implement the 666. He is the leader of the Great Beast (USA) or what the Muslims call “The Great Satan.” He will give power and authority over to Arnold. Exactly what Bush is, is Satan in human form.What Arnold is, is a genetically bio-engineered clone by Dr. Mengela/ET greys AKA demons via a Nazi/alien cloning program, designed to bring about the Antichrist. He is basically a clone of Adolf Hitler, combined with the greatest Aryan/Nordic/ET gray DNA/blood and the most superior human DNA.This is what allowed his inhuman training sessions and stamina as an athlete.The 1988 film Twins is a Hollywood Zionist/Illuminati brainwashing film about this, even of Arnold’s creation.Bush’s job is to usher in the Beast (USA) the 666, the NWO, one world government, etc. He is to cause the whole world to wonder after his Satanic creation of Arnold.Arnold’s image in The Terminator films is the Image Of The Beast from The Bible. There is going to be a CGI (computer generated imagery) AI(artificial intelligence) Arnold created. This will be the image of the beast and it is this image that will be worshiped.This will take place in the temple of Solomon which will be built in Babylon. Bush is in Iraq now to bring this about.The Whore of Babylon and Mystery Babylon is clearly the United States and New York City, with a very possible Hillary Clinton/Madonna media tie in as well.Bush’s REAL name is Azazel. This is the oldest and original name of Satan, it is Lucifer’s TRUE name. The story about the goats in the Bible, refers to Bush, this is the reference of the horns.Remember a lamb speaking like a dragon. Remember a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Remember it is always the one you least expect. First two refer to False Prophet Bush, last one refers to Antichrist.The Antichrist will be the one person that the whole world LEAST EXPECTED. That person is none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger.Arnold is exactly what The Terminator films say he is. He IS The Terminator, that’s his role, as a superior genetically modified man with no soul (because he’s a clone.) He will be the one that Terminates.Now remember that it is actually The False Prophet that has the power, not The Antichrist. Bush works these wonders and powers through military force. It is the false prophet that implements the 666. Bush will do this through the USA globalist economic domination.False Prophet is a liar and evokes Christ, while doing things that a jackal would do.It is The Antichrist (Arnold) that is worshiped, adored, idolized, has an image of the beast, and exalts himself above Christ. It is Antichrist that revokes Christianity and that creates a Babylonian type religion (Fourth Reich).Both Arnold and Bush are Nazis. They are both skull and bones members, both 33 degree Masons and Illuminati (highest masons).Bush has come literally as Satan in human form, much like he did before as Adolf Hitler. The body was then cloned into a superior version into a soulless super man in Arnold.Arnold simply has a task, a job. That is why he is here. The actual cloning of Arnold during the Mengela experiment began on an alien space craft (gray aliens are actually demons from Hell or Bush’s minions).Arnold was then sent through a star gate millions of light years away to Mengela where the baby was injected with the Hitler DNA (which also contained Satan’s DNA.)I know, I know, I am “crazy.” But I challenge anyone who thinks me wrong to do the following.1. Watch all of Arnold’s movies.2. Meet Bush in person, shake his hand, look in his eyes, then ask for his autograph.It is this and only this that will prove what I say is true.As for the Rev. 13:18 666 code, this is what the prophecy means:An alien clone (made in human image AKA “image of the beast”) to absolute perfection is cloned with Hitler’s DNA (the body contained Satan’s blood, just like Bush’s does).This is a GENETIC CODE. It is for he who hath wisdom let him understand for it is the number of a man and his number is 666, because it is only for one who figured out it is a GENETIC CODE. I am that man.”The number of a man.” Man’s number is 6.What is man? He’s 6 6 6 and his number is 6, meaning he is a MAN.The code is as follows:6 parts neurons6 parts protons6 parts electrons= the atoms molecular structure of the alien clone. Because it is a human man being genetically artificially made on a space ship.Man’s number is the number 6, because Antichrist was a male clone, not a female one.The reason he is Antichrist is because being a clone and entirely artificially made he has no soul and he is literally the abomination against God.On December 31st, 2011 this occurred. Arnold was then sent back in time through a cypher star gate to the date 7/30/1947.The first date is the date that the star gate from Hell to Earth opens and closes. Once in 25,800 years this happens. Only the Antichrist child can pass through this gate, once every 25,800 years. Right before the galactic alignment on 12-21-2012 the date the Antichrist is arisen. Which is likely when Arnold becomes de facto President elect of USA.7/30/1947 is the date he was born because it is this number that signifies the Luciferian mathematical system that Hell is based on. All of the great monuments like pyramids, Stonehenge, etc. are based on this computing calculation from the distant past.Atlantean technology that was FAR, FAR beyond any technology we have today.19.47 to the 15th power, plus 7.30 decimals are in fact the coordinates that need to be entered into the Great Pyramid at the King’s chamber at the sarcophagus in order to transfer to Hell.If you think I am crazy watch all 3 Terminator movies VERY closely, the machines (cybernetic organism Terminators) pass through the star gate, from the future.This is another Hollywood propaganda/brainwashing of this event.Bush (Azazel or Devil) and Arnold will eventually be defeated by Michael and Christ.For everyone wondering what the vision of the Bear/Lion/Leopard and such means,It was his vision from God of Arnold Schwarzenegger in the year 1981 setting upon the throne of Antichrist.It is this image which is the LITERAL image that was seen.If you want to see the image, the literal prophetic visions of THE BEAST, and what it means, again watch the 1982 year released film Conan The Barbarian.At the very end of the film, you will see the image of The Beast and you will be shown Arnold in his Antichrist form. This is what the vision of the bear/lion/leopard was of.I know people will think that I am crazy, but I have studied this since I was 14 years old and I have an I.Q. of 203, so please consider what I have discovered.

  33. Anonymous says:

    >I haven’t seen conan the barb. since the 80’s. i remember it to be a very strange movie. At this point, your observation will be checked into by me however weird and hollywood it sounds. I will not discount any ideas on this very important subject no matter how outrageous they may seem. thanks for the tip, i love a good research investigation on this very important subject.

  34. Anonymous says:

    >yes people will think you are crazy, so don’t go spreading your finding around too much.

  35. Sojourner says:

    >My question for DR. Claude is simple does he hold to the false doctrines of the baptist faith?1) (The pre-trib rapture) The hope of the believer is not a secret rapture, It is the appearing in glory of Yahshua Mashiyach Titus 2:13 Matt 24:312) That the USA is not in prophecy Jeremiah 50:6 http://www.BabylonUSA.info3) Tulip, though I do a agree with the perseverance of the saints. The rest of the flower is wilted.My view is all 501(c)3 non profit churches are whores of Babylon. They have sold out the sheep in order to make more money. They were never legally required to become corporations, Yet they did anyways. The American church has been dead since the 50s Yahweh does not move in these institutions of man.Yahshua is the head of His body, come out of the whoring churches and worship the Adonai in spirit and truth. You can view my blog at

  36. >Dear Sojourner,Thank you for your comment. I apologize for the delay in answering your comment. I had to take some time off to complete some writing assignments.From your comments, it is very clear that you do not know what Baptists believe.Claude Mariottini

  37. Anonymous says:

    >Dr. Claude, I was brought up from a small child as a Baptist. I have seen the Baptist Church change from a loving community of kind tolerant people into a community of intolerance of anybody or thing their present hate everyone, or any idea that is not mine kind of a church. I wonder often what has happened to these present day Pastors to make them act this way. They don’t seem to accept people as sinners in their earthly state, as Jesus as described us to be. Romans says “we all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God”. It seems to be that to love thy neighbor as thyself is no longer what the Baptist Church is about. Is this new philosophy because of greed for money, or hate crimes or just self centeredness? God made all people. All colors and all sexes etc. Why does the Baptist Church suddenedly lack the comforter? Is this because of George Bush’s ways. Over 1,000,000 people have died in Iraq since this war started. He kills too much maybe.

  38. Oatris says:

    >I accept that bush is the Anti-Christ.He is on the team with those who commit terror against their own people, and then blame it on a foreign power. 9/11 was a clear example of this, but there have been many, many of such false flag operations even through all history. They perfected those methods in Euorope (Jesuits) causing many wars in Europe and the crusades were based on lies as well, with a very different motive than that presented to the people, but I won’t go into that now.Dr. Claude, I’m sorry but you openly denounced the Book of Daniel and the prophesy that he recieved, so you have denied the word of God. Daniel’s prophesy is very important for us. Remember, he himself didn’t understand the vision of the Beast (leopard’s body, etc) but it shocked him into a period of ill health where he had to remain in bed for many days.So he didn’t understand it…Then why did he see the vision, and write it down? For us! The faithful! Because God is warning us!And Daniel lived in what is now Iraq (Babylonia under Nebachanazzar,) not in Israel amoung the Jews. So his prophesy encompased that place and the welfare of the saints who will live there in the last days. Well, the Islamic families there who are suffering and being murdered are from Abraham, so they are indeed these saints described in the prophesy whose souls cry out against those who murdered them. Daniel saw no difference between them and Jews given the ancient date in which he prophesied. They are all from Abraham, and they worship one God who has a body like we have (or really we have a body like his).They are not like the polytheists and idol worshippers who their successful movements have pushed out or destroyed by the help of Allah. Allah is only their name for God, a true God who has people scattered all over the world, including in Islam. Islam is strong with God. Islam is not terrorist. The U.S. or the 4th Beast of Daniel’s prophesy is the terrorist. Islam, like the Jews has prophesy of one who will come and lead them, the Mahdi. This Mahdi is not the anti-christ. Mahdi is equal to Messiah, only under the neighboring culture. If this realization offends any of you, then you love war, and you are with those who insidiously foment war between Islam and Israel.Bush is full of lies and the will of the devil is strong in him, whether he be this 666 character or not.Now, I believe that his (Bush’s)group will do more terror, probably against the United States again and blame it on Iran. I expect this very soon. I think they will take Iran very quickly, perhaps even by small nuclear strikes. Cheney, or folks in his group have been rumoured to say that they want to hold the world hostage with nuclear weapons. To do this, they would have to set an example somewhere. Iran would be perfect. The widely respected Noam Chomsky would agree with this. This would coincide with revelations when it says that he even causes fire to come down from Heaven in the sight of men. At least, that scripture points to something probably to do with the militarization of space.So, I believe that before the battle of Armageddon, all of his (the antichrist’s) power in the skies will have been knocked out by these acts of God proqhesied to come. But he will still have much strength on the ground in the middle east, and he will suddenly take all of it and turn towards Israel itself.Then Armaggeddon, and the defeat of his army. Daniel saw this. Just read Daniel for yourselves, and feel the spirit. Whatever spirit inspires Mariottini to discredit Daniel, a prophet of God is an evil spirit.I beg any of you reading this, who still support George Bush to consider carefully and pray. It will not be well to be found locking arms with this guy and his murder when the true Christ comes.One more warning: Revelations describes what is easily interpreted as a false resurrection. In other words, the anti-christ is not just against Christ, but he is an imposter Christ himself, and the damned are those who are going to worship him. So lets see…Suppose George Bush loses the presidency, which he will. Well, realistically, he was never even president, being not elected. He was and is a Caesar. And his rule is by terror. Revelations says that this character, the Anti-Christ will be slain by the sword but come back, and all who marvel at him are not written in the Book of Life. Also that he is the 7th anti-christ, and he is also the eighth, and he is going to Perdition (worse than the Hell that regular sinners go to.) He was and is not, yet is. So watch. If G.B. is assassinated, but suddenly returns to us alive and claiming to be Christ in order to expand his control through the only higher office than president (God) then you will know. But if anything, don’t worship him, please. It is an offense to everything righteous from the heavens to the lowest stones.Amen.

  39. oatris says:

    >What about the rumour about Bush’s leaniage from Roman Aristocracy? Can that be proven or disproved?The point is, accoriding to Daniel’s prophesy, the one who is waging war against the Saints is the king of Grecia.Now consider this: in Daniel’s time, there was not yet a Roman Empire. In fact, Alexander the Great had not even come. So what if Bush is descended from Nero Caesar, as well as Herod and the previous ‘anit-christs’ whom the Angels reveal there are seven? Then his blood being of Roman Aristocracy, which in Daniel’s time was still Ancient Greece (called Grecia in the Prophesy), he is therefore perfect candidate for that Prophesy.But why the king of Grecia? For the answer, read the Book of Enoch and then make the connection of his accounts of ancient history (before Noah) to Ancient Greek mythology. We find that the ancient Greeks were intimately aquainted to the Son’s of God who came to Earth to sin and teach men secrets of sin including witchcraft, signs and astrology, and even satanism. Thats all recorded by Enoch. So….If Bush is in fact decended from these ancient powers, then we might assume that for some reason, the sinning Gods favor his family. They are confederate. Then look at all the war and woe they brought into the world at that time. It was so much that God caused the Great Flood.The point is, well at least I believe based upon all the prophesies, that Bush is working with these same spirits to bring chaos and Hell and the reign of evil into the world in the ways described in Revelations. Revelations even mentions that horns of the Beast (the shadowy, effective leaders of our nation and the world) give the nation to the Dragon, or Lucifer. Evidence of this is printed on our dollar bills. Money is more like a satanic ticket today. It’s meaning changed years ago.Inequality is growing under Bush Caesar’s reign. His entire pattern and his place in the ‘greater scheme’ is all perfectly placed for the role of this ‘666’ character, or at least a monkey-minded third world dictator.He will help us all into poverty and destruction by the end. Only those who are faithful and know the true spirit and love of Christ will be saved.And, when you read the book of Enoch as well as Revelations, and Daniel, you get the same final solution: Christ’s resurrection and his sacrifice can extend eternal life to those who repent as well as those who are unjustly killed in this war that is happening right now. And I would assure you, when you compare all the prophesies, and stop discarding half of them (Daniel’s is a good half!) then you see we are very, very close to Armageddon!It could concievably happen in less than five years, and I think it will.I enjoy prophesy think tanks like this, by the way. I hope you people do to, whatever your disposition might be. :)

  40. Carsten says:

    >Whether you like him or not, George W Bush is most definitely NOT the antichrist – read your Bibles!1 John 2,22 for example says: Who is the liar? It is the man who denies that Jesus is the Christ. Such a man is the antichrist – he denies the Father and the Son. George W Bush has confessed numerous times that Jesus is his personal savior and the Son of God. Also, the antichrist will perform miracles and wonders and (try to) make himself God in Jerusalem’s new temple, which is not even built yet!And let’s face it: Bush will most likely not even be re-elected…

  41. Anonymous says:

    >I am beginning to have a notion that the biblica l prophesy is about to be revealed considering the link of the family to the great events in World history from the past up to the present.America’s leader may be the 666 being talked about in the book of Daniel and the Revelation. Yes there must be a great exegesis of the text to be able to verufy such accounts. But bible scholars must be very careful to consider that since the signs of the times are already noticeable.May God gives us the revelation of the spirit to be able to unravel the mysteries.Ken from Philippines

  42. Anonymous says:

    >The global reach of Bush is most certainly open for the possibility of him being an antichrist. In a way I could see this being a real possibility. He (with our military has subdued 2 kings and the bible states that the antichrist will subdue 3 kings. Bush has authorized and congress has already passed the real ID to be issued in 2008 which of course is not far off from an implantable chip. With the power grab Bush has created, it wouldn’t take anything more than another imagined terrorist attack for him to stay in power. Sure there are other candidates for this role however, NO ONE else has fit these descriptions and we must be coming upon the end of the generation since Isreal has become a nation and I fail to see how an antichrist figure could not already be at least positioned to take his throne

  43. MROKEDOKE says:

    >LOLZ, If bush is a believer in Jesus Christ our lord in savior, why doesn’t he follow the clearest message of the holy bible, love. Thats all Jesus preached about was love, how can you love thine neighbor by forcing you veiws, oppinions or religion upon them. I don’t understand this, but maybe I’m retarded, I’m not even a christian who am I to talk(don’t come into my house and kill me, its not my fault I was born into a secular family).

  44. Anonymous says:

    >to Calculator666AKi was reading about Nikola Tesla and remembered your info request in this blog. ill poast the first sentence, which is all that applies here.Nikola Tesla (July 10, 1856 – January 7, 1943) (Baptism name: Николай; Nikolaj) was a Serbian-American inventor and electrical engineer.hope this may be a good lead for Russell Taylor very cool post, butif the stargate only opens every 25,800 years, what about Hitler(i guess the first?)I also wonder if you reside in California.lastly I do find it hard to believe so many people defend the ACTIONS of GWB

  45. >To all of you who posted comments to this post:Thank you for your comments, opinions, and observations. Some of your ideas and views are too far out for me to respond.Let me say this again: I do not believe George W. Bush is the Antichrist. He does not have the power to act alone and impose a religious view on the world.People believe that he is evil because of the war in Iraq. Many presidents before him have involved our country in wars but they have never been attacked in the same way GWB has been attacked.In a few months the man will be out of office and at that time, all of you who believe George Bush is the Beast, the Antichrist, the False Prophet, Azazel, and a few other evil characters of history will have to confess that you were wrong.The date of this great event will be January 20, 2009. Write me again after that day and tell me how wrong you were.Claude Mariottini

  46. Anonymous says:

    >HEY GEORGE BUSH$$$ What are you gonna do now that you’re winding down your world disruption of crazy politics and lies? You should go live in Siberia.

  47. Anonymous says:

    >HEY GEORGE BUSH$$$ What are you gonna do now that you’re winding down your world disruption of crazy politics and lies? You should go live in Siberia.

  48. Anonymous says:

    >Yeah, it’s almost over. I’m sick just thinking back to this terrible 7 years.

  49. >To my two anonymous writers above:Just relax, folks. January 2009 is less than one year away. The world will not end today or in January 2009 (but of course, it may end in 2012).Claude Mariottini

  50. Chan Ming says:

    >I have not read Mr. Hanchett’s book, only his web. The Bush-antichrist concept seems to be unlikely primarily because Bush appears to be lacking in cognitive ability. He has made many absurd, even ridiculous, public statements. Yet Dr. Claude, in this informal review of Hanchett’s theory, has made statements that seem quite bizarre also. I have been an active member of the Catholic Church for over 30 years. I am familiar with the book of Daniel, and the other apocalyptic books, of the holy bible. It is not at all obvious, to me, that Hanchett’s personal interpretation of the book of Daniel, is nonsense. Since I do not realize this, as Dr. Claude suggests I should, it seems that either Dr. Claude is in error or that I am liar. It would be much more convincing if Dr. Claude had taken a few minutes of his ‘professional’ time, to explain in more detail why Hanchett’s view of Daniel, is obvious nonsense. This should be very easy for Professor Claude, by his impressive credits and achievements. I don’t believe the God of the holy bible is significantly impressed by these acclaimed credits. Consider next, Claude’s statement “… we call it bad interpretation.” More correct here, would have been “…I call it bad.” In other words, what Dr. Claude is suggesting thru this entire review, is that his own (Claude’s) viewpoints, represent the worthy views of respected, acclaimed biblical scholars. I am not convinced of this implied ‘fact’. It’s interesting that Dr. Claude is using the same type of speculative methodology that he accuses Hanchett of using. However Claude’s next declaration is so bizarre that I wonder about why he is even attacking Hanchett’s theory. “The book of Daniel is an apocalyptic book that was written …” It seems obvious to me, that if Daniel was written for this reason, then it is not an apocalyptic book. Dr. Claude also is suggesting here, indirectly, that Daniel himself, was not inspired by God to write it. Rather, that society wrote it as an inspiration, for it’s own benefit. Maybe Dr. Claude just slipped here, and this is not what he meant to suggest. It seems though, that he is overly trying to debunk Hanchett’s theory, for reasons that do not coincide with biblical faith. That is to say, I wonder if Dr. Claude believes the bible is the true word of God. Also, if someone is going to knock down a theory in this manner, I believe he should present his own personal theory on this issue. If Hanchett is so very wrong, then lets hear Dr. Claude’s theory of who the antichrist is, or will be. Perhaps Hanchett made a prophetic mistake (I was convinced Hanchett was totally wrong until I read this review. Now, I’m not so sure.) From a Christian perspective, Hanchett, whether right or wrong, is still promoting biblical faith just by offering a free theory on his web. This required time and effort. It seems, that Dr. Claude, did not spend much effort in trying to knock down this free biblical presentation.

  51. chan ming says:

    >I forgot to mention a relevant, well-known extension in Hanchett’s theory, which Dr. Claude is ignoring. A nuclear war or other giant catastrophe, such as the nuclear destruction of an American city by terrorism, could easily enable Bush to continue for another 4 years. This would then put the final apocalypse near the famous doomsday date, 2012, which Dr. Claude suggests himself, in the comment above mine. Maybe his last comment was only intended as a joke, since there is no obvious, biblical reference to 2012 as an apocalypse date. I’m sure Dr. Claude knows, that there must first be a major ‘falling away’ from faith, before the “man of sin, son of perdition”, can fulfill the prophecies. This major falling away may occur fast if a nuclear event in 2008 throws the world into turmoil. This would concurrently provide reasons for Bush to continue on into 2009. This is not my personal extension of Hanchett’s theory. There are respected, acclaimed scholars who believe a nuclear, biblical event will occur in 2008. This has been posted on their prophecy webs. I have serious doubts about the Bush-antichrist idea, though it seems possible. An incompetent, insecure leader like Bush, is an ideal puppet for the devil to use as his prince (son) of perdition. The ‘specific’ meanings of prophecies are revealed by worship, prayer, or prophetic visions. I’m sure Dr. Claude knows this is a fundamental, prophecy concept, though he may prefer to ignore it. – Thank you, Dr. C. Mariottini for giving me an opportunity to comment on this issue.

  52. >To Anonymous:I deleted your comment because I deemed your comment to be offensive to Chan Ming. In my blog anyone has the right to disagree with me, but no one has the right to offend a reader of my blog, no matter how much the reader disagrees with me.Claude Mariottini

  53. >To Mr. Chan Ming,Thank you for visiting my blog. I am happy that you are a Christian, that you love Jesus, and that you study the Bible.I have written several posts on Daniel. If you want to read them, visit the following links: are othe posts on Daniel. If you look at the sidebar on my blog, write Daniel 9 on Google search and you will find all the articles I have written on Daniel.Are you one of my readers from China? I have many readers in China but you are the first who write to me.God bless you.Claude Mariottini

  54. chan ming says:

    >I am a temporarily retired scientist. My fiancee, Darlene, is a marketing specialist. We are visiting friends in America & moving soon to Los Angeles. After more research, we are not able to evaluate the validity of the bushisantichrist web. We support the ideologies of our resident country, the United Kingdom, & are not connected with Hanchett’s marketing associates. We do not have a blog or web named Chan Ming. The web-blog with this title is not related to us. We are long term members of the Catholic Church. Due to the sensitive political nature of Hanchett’s web, this is our final comment.

  55. >I need to clarify Chan Ming’s last comment. Anyone can distinguish that I am not the woman in the blog called Chan Ming. Our first name is different & I already have a college degree. We don’t have a blog, web or profile called Chan Ming. I haven’t had time to read all of your posts. There are issues that I don’t understand. Why hasn’t Bush closed Hanchett’s web ? Why is it optimized on google’s first page ? Hanchett’s blog associates are excellent writers. Some of their posts inspired us to start our own religious blog. Can you answer either of these two questions ? – Darlene Sanders/ Administrator/ Shanghai Marketing

  56. Anonymous says:

    >As the Second Coming of Christ….I can say with ALL *certainty* that George W. Bush IS INDEED the 3rd AntiChrist. When a person is the President of the United States ….. you aren’t just supposed to do what you “think is best for America”You are also meant to have the Whole world in mind! President Shrub is a pirate and is guilty of HIGH crimes. He is a Beast.Signed,The Second Coming of Christ

  57. >Dear Second Coming,You have an amazing name and an amazing theology. Since you are the personification of the Second Coming, I leave you with Luke 7:1-2.Claude Mariottini

  58. Andrew says:

    >Pity the number 616 is the correct number of the beast in Hebrew….On the subject though, some people seem to confuse the Antichrist with Satan. They are seperate entities. The Bible says that the Antichrist will be sent by Satan to deceive the world, converting unwittingly the people of the world into supporting the eventual appearance of Satan, thinking that they are following someone acting in the name of God.Bush? Perhaps…

  59. >Andrew,This is what I am trying to say to those who believe that Bush is the Antichrist. He is not the Antichrist because he is not the 616. Bush’s popularity is so low that he cannot even convince the American people that there is a greater purpose for the war in Iraq much less convince “the people of the world into supporting the eventual appearance of Satan.” Let’s face it: Bush is just the average politician who made very unpopular decisions. Just wait. A year from now Bush will be just an ex-president.Claude Mariottini

  60. Anonymous says:

    >”By their fruits you shall know them.It is my humble opinion that Bush is not the anti-Christ. I do however feel that there is nothing Christ-like about Bush.He is the antithesis of a Christian, if he is a Christian, I would like to see the bible he is using…………..

  61. >Friend,Although it is difficult for people to believe this statement, the fact is that George Bush is a Christian. We may not agree with his politics and policies, but the man is a Christian brother who deserves to be treated with dignity.It is a shame how Bush has been treated by people in our country, Christians and non-Christians. The way people have treated George Bush shows that many Americans have lost the ability to treat people with dignity. Politics and partisanship trump civility and respect for the office.Claude Mariottini

  62. Anonymous says:

    >Bush is not the AntiChrist. Read your Bible folks. First of all, the AntiChrist will be so loved and so revered (like the Pope) that billions will worship him. They will worship him. The AntiChrist is a religous/political figure that comes on the scene to solve the worlds’ ills. When we see someone that begins to speak of social reform and unity world-wide and is actually uniting countries and people’s ideas and REMEMBER!!!!! IS THE GREATEST THING SINCE SLICED BREAD!!!!! HE IS THE ANTICHRIST. A lot of people don’t know what they are talking about because they are missing the whole picture. The AntiChrist is the great deceiver and he comes as an Angel Of Light!!!!! The entire world will embrace this man and love him so much that they (almost like the Jews did when they asked for a king) The world will place him on the throne in the temple of Jerusalem and worship him as God. This man will make miracles like never seen before by this generation. The entire world, nations, governments etc will be decieved, even the very elect. Bush is NOT!!!! The AntiChrist, nor will he ever be the AntiChrist. He is not even the prophet. But hey, if you’ve accepted Christ as Lord and Savior…. Guess what???? Then you have no reason to worry or wonder about what’s going to happen. read your bible. Jesus said; Matt 24: 1-28″And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places. All these are the beginning of sorrows. Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name’s sake.And then shall many be offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another. And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many. And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold. But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved. And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come. When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place, (whoso readeth, let him understand:)I didn’t put the whole scripture here, but if you read you’d clearly see that George Bush is not, I repeat NOT the AntiChrist. In fact, the AntiChrist will NOT, I REPEAT WILL NOT COME FROM AMERICA!!!!!!!!! Most scholars believe that the AntiChrist will rise from the tribe (a descendant) of Dan, which can only mean one thing — This man will come from a European/Middle Eastern ethnicity, NOT AMERICAN. America while it has done many wrongs, is the protector, the ONLY protector fo God’s people…. And the ONLY Nation that proclaims that it Trust In God!!!!! OUR very currency states that fact. Nonetheless, Facts are fact, GW Bush hasn’t and will not be performing any miracles. He does not come in peace. He has not solved any of the worlds’ problems and certainly isn’t loved and revered by anyone, except maybe neo-cons!!!! Is the AnitChrist here??? When the wars suddenly stop and the famines, and poverty and disease begin to cease….. Watch OUT!!!!!! But for now, as long as we have all of these things happening, JESUS SAID “These are the birth pains” In other words, this is just the beginning of our troubles as a world. Many things have to happen before the AntiChrist can take the reins. Read the scripture and don’t assume or be mislead. Once this guy comes on the scene you will see tremendous WORLD TRANSFORMATION!!!!! Poverty — Gone , Sickness — Gone, Environmental Issues, Gone. War — GONE!!!!!!!!!! People will be healed on a massive scale from all their Ills!!!! But there’s one catch — THEY MUST RECIEVE THE MARK OF THE BEAST, AND MANY WILL because those who don’t will be put to death, tortured, maimed, starved, made public spectales like inthe days of the Romans when they took Christians and threw them to the lions. Is the world ready for AntiChrist???? I would say just about….. The economy is bad, almost everywhere, war is almost everywhere, sickness and death are everywhere….. and one last thing — When this guy comes n the scene, there will be several years of wonderful, wonderful peace!!!!!! Literally, LIKE NEVER SEEN BEFORE IN THE HISTORY OF MAN-KIND!!!!! THEN HE WILL DECEIVE THE NATIONS AND RETRACT THE PEACE ACCORD HE SIGNED WITH ISRAEL. BUT FIRST PEACE. Have we seen peace or anyone that can broker true peace between the middle east and Israel???? NO!!!!! Soon though.

  63. mistyblu says:

    >I believe anyone who says they can look into peoples soul–as GWB has said many times about many different people, who lies about WMD to conquer a country which was not a threat–is the antichrist. I was raised that only God could look into a persons soul—even satan knows the Bible as he was a fallen angel.

  64. Anonymous says:

    >GWB is most likely not the beast, but who’s to say he is going to leave office when the time comes. Greater countries have come and gone in history. Yes it’s a scary thing to think that our people might be willing to have a tyrant destroy everything this land has become. Plus lets make a point of not expecting the end of the world because its never gonna happen then.

  65. KC says:


  66. >KC,Thank you for your comment. By the way, do you know that when you write your email in CAPS you are shouting to the reader?Claude Mariottini

  67. >Anonymous,GWB will leave the office on January 20, 2009. The Constitution will force him to leave office. By the way, GWB is not a tyrant. If you had lived in Latin American or in some countries in Africa, you would know what a tyrant really is.Claude Mariottini

  68. >Mistyblu,I do not think GWB lied about WMD. The CIA provided the president with poor information about Iraq. Even Blair and the United Nations believed Iraq had WMD. Do you remembers that the United Nations passed several resolutions against Iraq?For someone to say that “I can look at your sould” does not make that person the Antichrist.Claude Mariottini

  69. Anonymous says:

    >Why do so many people believe that the antichrist will be loved? John does not say such a thing. John says the second beast with the little horn will MAKE the world worship the image of the first beast with its seven heads, ten horn and ten crowns. The first beast is obviously, when compared to the beast from Daniel, a group of degenerate nations that together make war and are eventually destroyed by war. The ten horns on the heads of the beast are its puppet governments and the ten crowns are nations that are captured in war. The second beast is a man who heads a nation and brings admiration for the first beast. This man has a puppet state of his own, hince his “little horn”.Beware of bush and the fascist government he has established in the U.S. bush may actually be the antichrist with Pat Robertson as his false prophet. When the Berlin Wall was torn down we were amazed that the deadly wound to one of the heads of the first beast was healed. Fascism is a very evil form of government, claiming a false aligence to Christ while actually serving money (mammon). The bush government is not Christian, for unlike Christ, it panders to the rich and money. God will judge men just as harshly for worshiping money as for worshiping a golden calf.

  70. >Dear Friend,You wrote: “Beware of bush and the fascist government he has established in the U.S. bush may actually be the antichrist with Pat Robertson as his false prophet.”The problem with your statement is that it is as wrong as some of the other people who have left in response to my post. How do you prove your statement from the Bible? On January 20, 2009 you will realize how wrong you are.Thank you for visiting my blog.Claude Mariottini

  71. Anonymous says:

    >Rev. 13:1 And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads (Original Beligerants of the Axis nations of WWII: Germany, Japan, Italy, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, & Yugoslavia) and ten horns ( Puppet states of the Axis Nations:Finland, Iraq, Thailand, Manchuria, Burma, Montenegro Slovakia, Albania, Croatia, & Greece) and upon its horn ten crowns (Nations captured by the Axis powers: France, Mongolia, Wang Jinwei Government, Phillipines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Pindus, Macedonia, & Serbia) and upon his head the name of blasphemy (These nations waged war and killed millions in the name of God. The German SS wore belts engraved with "Gott mit uns"–God with us.)Rev. 13:3 And I saw one of its heads as it were wounded to death (Germany was divided between east-communist- and west-democratic republic. As was the capital, Berlin) and his deadly wound was healed (The Berlin wall came down during the 1980's) and all the world wondered after the beast. (I remember this event and everyone was astonished watching the event on television as people tore the wall down.)And they worshiped the dragon which gave power to the beast and they worshiped the beast, saying "Who is like unto the beast, who is able to make war with the beast?" *The fascist Axis nations waged war all over Europe and no one had the guts to stand up to them. *Fascism is essentially "corporatism" according to Mussiloni. The rich get richer and the poor are neglected. It is simply the worship of corporate wealth.13:5 And there was given unto him … power to continue forty and two months. (From the signing of the Axis pact until the US joined the Allies, it was exactly 42 months.)Now, in order to understand verse 8 we read the definition of fascism as a government dedicated to creating and protecting the wealth of the corporations. It is the worship of money. 13:8 And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him whose names are not written in the book of life…13:10 He that leadeth into captivity shall go into captivity; he that killeth with the sword must be killed with the sword. Here is the patience and the faith of the saints. (The Allies were victorious and killed the beast with war.Now, in 13: 11, we have another beast coming on the scene. "And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth, and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon." This verse is very interesting when we plug bush into it. He presented himself as a Christian, but he talked us into illegal, preemptive war against a sovereign nation under the guise of WMD when it was actually a war designed to create even more wealth for oil corporations. 13:12 And he exerciseth all the power of the first beast before him; and causeth the earth and them which dwell thereing to worship the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed. (The Christian churches now so worship bush and the republicans that ministers actually preach during their Sunday sermons that in order to be a Christian, one has to vote republican. Where in the Bible does it state that Christians are to support the political party of the wealthy corporations?)13:13 And he doeth great wonders, so that he maketh fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men. (He makes war like the first beast, in order to gain wealth for the huge corporations)Now watch, children for we are about to see the fulfillment of verse 14 when bush uses his power to declare martial law establishing a dictatorship coming out of this finacial crisis. "And he deceiveth them that dwell on the earth by the means of those miracles which he had power to do in the sight of the beast, saying to them that dwell on the earth, that they should make an image to the beast (bush's dictatorship) which had the wound and did live.

  72. Anonymous says:

    >Bush is about power and greed. I believer martial law is a definite possiblity because it is the only way he can retain power. It will be interesting to see what happens after the elections

  73. >Friend,This will never happen. Bush is not the kind of man you think he is.Claude Mariottini

  74. Anonymous says:

    >And you know this how?

  75. >By what will happen on January 20, 2009. The peaceful transition of power from Bush to the new president will demonstrate that Bush is not the Antichrist, the false prophet, the beast, a tyrant, and not even a dictator.You must not confuse your political dislike of Bush with what the Bible teaches.Claude Mariottini

  76. Anonymous says:

    >Project For the new American Century. This is what a neo-conservative think tank in Washington proposed was necessary to impose global dominance by brute American force. It stated that this would be a long process, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event, like a new Pearl Harbor. Bush needed a reason for going into Afgahnistan and Iraq. What better reason than a war on terror!! A New World Order is what he envisioned for American dominance around the globe. The reason he is hated by so many people is because they see what he is doing, using 9/11 as an excuse to invade countries, blame other nations that if are not with us you are against us; the leaders of other nations SHOULD BE FURIOUS after hearing that!! And do not be surprised if Mccain wins this election. Obama may be ahead right now, but if Mccain should win, it will be because Bush somehow, someway was able to tilt the polls in his favor only to allow him to continue Bush’s plan of global dominance. Nobody in their right mind would elect Mccain for President, but if he does win, you know Bush had something to do with it. Remember that !!!!!

  77. Anonymous says:

    >You are so correct in recognizing the PNAC as a coalition of evil minds who will lie or steal to stay in power. The republican neocons are currently whipping their mind controled supporters into an assination frenzy. As the crowds yell, “terrorist, kill him!” in reference to Senator Obama and the republican presidential and vice presidential candidates smile, the republicans plan. Pray for Obama’s safty from these crazed right wing nuts.

  78. >My Friend,Calm down. Before you accuse others, check your facts. The Secret Service has said that no one yelled “kill hum.” This was a story made up by a reporter to make McCain’s supporters look bad.You have to remember that the press has already decided who will be the next president of the USA.Claude Mariottini

  79. Anonymous says:

    >Jesus said we cannot serve two masters; we must choose between God and mammon (money). He also told us that in the last days wolves will come dressed in sheep’s clothing decieving all but the very elect and we would know them by their fruits.bush and the neoconservatives are not Christians who serve God. They are money changers who worship wealth and money. Beware of following them.

  80. Anonymous says:

    >George = 6Walker = 6Bush Jr = 6

  81. >Dear Anonymous:Your math is funny, but the numbers do not add to 666. The reason: 6+6+6 is only 18.Claude Mariottini

  82. Anonymous says:

    >But you can’t deny that the money changers can not possibly be Christian because Jesus said we cannot serve two masters.

  83. >Friend,How do you know that Bush worships money and wealth? There is no evidence that money is his God. He is a Christian who believes that Jesus Christ is his Lord. Bush may not be a good politician but he is a Christian.My banker is a money changer and he is also a Christian.Claude Mariottini

  84. Anonymous says:

    >Dr. Mariottini you are stupid, deluded, blind and arrogant.

  85. >Dear Friend,You may say all these things about me,but at least I treated you with dignity and respect.You must remember the words of Jesus: “You’re familiar with the command to the ancients, ‘Do not murder.’ I’m telling you that anyone who is so much as angry with a brother or sister is guilty of murder. Carelessly call a brother ‘idiot!’ and you just might find yourself hauled into court. Thoughtlessly yell ‘stupid!’ at a sister and you are on the brink of hellfire. The simple moral fact is that words kill” (Matthew 5:21-22).Claude Mariottini

  86. Anonymous says:

    >It was not me who name called, but another anonymous. How do you know bush is a Christian? Jesus said, “Love one another. By this shall all men know ye are my deciples.” How has bush shown love? Jesus also said that we demonstrate our love for him in how we treat the “least of these my brethren”. Can you imagine Jesus Christ waging war against a nation that had done nothing to Him because he wanted to control the oil fields in that region?Or drop cluster bombs designed to look like c rations that innocent little children would pick up and be maimed for life or killed?If Jesus were in charge of a government, would he allow the corporations and the richest people to run amouk and ruin the economy so the poor became poorer?No he would not. Jesus by example was no republican. He cared for the poor, the hungry, and the sick. If Jesus ran a government he would provide for the medical care of every person, ensure that all people had enough to live on, and ensure that children were provided secure housing. No real conservative who believes the rich should get richer and the poor pay all the taxes, that single mothers should go without healthcare for them and their children can be a true Christian.The conservative doctrine is based on hatred. Hatred for the liberals, poor and Mexicans. Read the words of Christ and give me an example that supports the conservative economic policies that leave the poor behind and serve the wealthy. Mary

  87. Anonymous says:

    >I can see from the screaming silence that there are none who read this blog, including the professor who started it, who can justify the economic policies of the republican party and the neocons as Christian based on anything Jesus Christ has been quoted as having said. In fact, Jesus taught the very opposite of the neocon economic philosophy. And that, dear sir, is all the proof I need to realize that bush worships money rather than Jesus Christ, that he is the worst kind of hypocrit for he used a false belief in Christ to rob the poor and disenfranchised. To those of you who doubt, read for yourselves the Gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. You will see that Christ requires that we share our wealth with the poor, that we provide medical care for all, that we pay our taxes without complaint, and that we judge not, whether the homosexual or the unwed mother. Read the words of Christ and then, when you have understanding, follow Him.Mary

  88. >Friend,You wrote: “Christ requires that we … judge not.” But when you call Bush “the worst kind of hypocrit” you are judging him, going against the teachings of Christ.Jesus said: “Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you” (Matthew 7:1-2).My brother, “why do you see the speck in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log in your own eye?Claude Mariottini

  89. Anonymous says:

    >Dr. Mariottini, you, too, have judged by proclaiming bush to be a christian and by judging me to be the person who called you names.We do have to make judgements about out leaders, as Jesus taught us, “By their fruits” we will know who is a true Christian and who is a hypocrit, who is a true prophet and who is a false one.However, you remain silent on the teachings of Jesus which can be used to justify neocon economic philosophy, because they cannot be found. My suggestion is that we all who claim to be Christian search the teaching of Jesus Christ, hold his words in reverance and bring our thinking and our lives in line with his.Mary

  90. >Mary,I have not judged. Bush is a Christian! He has said so and many people who know him also say he is a Christian. To affirm that a person is a Christian is not to judge that person.Also, I do not judge you as the person who called me names because that person did not reveal his or her name. If you read my responses, I never judged that person for calling me names. I just pointed out what the Bible has to say about treating others. Let us remain biblical as we treat each other.There are different kinds of Christians and they produce different kinds of fruits. There are Christians who support partial birth abortion, an ugly form of birth control, and there are those who oppose it. There are Christians who favor the death penalty and those who oppose it. There are Christians who support a just war and those who oppose it.It seems that you just dislike Bush and like many others who have written comments to my post, believe that he is evil, the beast, the Antichrist, not a Christians, and other worse things.You may not like Bush’s policy but it is unfair to say that the man is not a Christian. I disagree with many of Bush’s policies and I may not like the war in Iraq or his spending policies, but I will be the last one to say that he is not a Christian. Bush may not be a good politician but he is a brother in Christ.Claude Mariottini

  91. Anonymous says:

    >Once again you have skirted my challenge to find among the words of Christ any statement to support the conservative economic policies. From the teachings of Christ, we can easily see that He was compassionate in his love for the poor and the sinners. He, before being imprisoned told us that when we visit those in prison, we visit Him. The conservatives support the torture of prisoners. He told us when we feed the hungry, we are feeding Him. The conservatives want to do away with the food stamp program. He told us that when we bring the stranger into our homes out of the cold and the elements, we are sheltering Him. The conservatives want to end section 8 housing for the poor.The scriptures tell us there are many antichrists. Surely bush, with the neocons behind him, claiming to be Christians, but in reality serving the wealthiest by granting huge tax breaks while shrinking the middle class, and increasing the number of poor and disenfranchised among us, can be counted among them.Heavenly Father will decide based on our hearts and actions who is and is not a true Christian. The problem is the number of people the neocons have tricked into following their teachings rather than Christs. If you reply to my post, please this time include scripture, chapter and verse that show that Jesus Christ would support the economic policies of the neocons.Mary

  92. Anonymous says:

    >The reason no one has responded to my simple question is because, the conservative economic policy does not follow the teachings of Christ. There simply is no rebuttal for the conservative position on economic issues from the Lord Jesus Christ. The conservatives do not follow Christ, and therefore they are of the generation to which the scriptures refer,You draw near to me with your lips, but your hearts are far from me.

  93. Anonymous says:

    >Tonight is the night we celebrate the birth of our savior. Let us remember His teachings and his example of righteousness.Mary

  94. >Mary,Jesus is the only one who deserves our worship and he is the only one who should serve as our role modelHave a blessed Christmas.Claude Mariottini

  95. michael357 says:

    > The true answer to the riddle of 666 is only months away.

  96. Anonymous says:

    >Bush was most likely a false prophet. Cheney is definitely the Beast. When will he go back to Wyoming and away from Washington? He’s no longer the vp and he needs to accept this fact.

  97. Anonymous says:

    >Hey I just thought of something. What if GWBush decides to become a pastor or reverend at a church now? He would have a huge following of the religious right and this would probably bring him closer to the biblical prophecy of the third antichrist. Maybe the presidency was a stepping stone for bigger things.

  98. >Hi friend,Your words show your ignorance of God’s word. What you say is just political witch hunt. The guys are gone. Give them a break!Claude Mariottini

  99. Anonymous says:

    >I think the revelation that the beast comes out of the sea is symbolic. 666, the number which represents humanity, correlates with the water element. Approximately 2/3 (.666…) of the earth’s surface is covered with water, and humans are also composed of about 2/3 water. Bush happens to be a Cancer–a water sign.

  100. >The KJV Bible confirms this number 666 and its relation to George Walker Bush.See it is still the rule of the day to spit into the face of truth, or reject before inspect, etc.. Currently, beliefs are given the highest order, thus truth is to be given nothing.

  101. >Dear Friend at Facts and Facts:Your system of Bible Codes is unreliable and a system of guesswork.If the Bible says that Bush is the Antichrist, then it will say it in any version of the Bible, not only in the King James Bible.Use your system with the NIV, the RSV, or the ESV. If your results are constant, and if the answers are found in the same place in the text, then, your ideas have merit. Otherwise, it is just an exercise in futility.Claude Mariottini

  102. Anonymous says:

    >Also if you use this numerical system to try and pull out message on ANY large text, you can get messages.Try the system on the Enclopedia Brittanica and see if you get special messages. Try it on the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Is the Bible the only text that this has been done with?

  103. >Dear Friend,This is the weakness of Bible Codes. Let us say that you try every 100 words. If that does not work, then you try 101, 115, 129, etc, until it works.By doing this you can find any message you want to find in any large book you search.Bible codes as a system is meaningless.Claude Mariottini

  104. >I understand your quick reactions, but quick reactions are not related to expertise. Quick reactions are based upon beliefs rather than be directly related facts.If a code system is intended to be detected a specific man in a specific location and at a specific time, it is illogical to argue that it is invalid if it is not also located where it was not intended to be. THE WAY, no beliefs, nor a practice of trial and error, was used to uncover these Bible Codes. The Codes were released as an after the fact.

  105. >Dear Friend,The problem with your views and presuppositions is that it relies only on the King James Version. The Bible says that Jesus saves and this truth can be found in the KJV, in the NIV, in the RSV, or in any other version.If the truth that George Bush is the son of Satan is found only in the KJV, then this truth is not biblical.As a previous reader mentioned above, I am sure that using the same methods you used, what you discovered could also be found in the Enclopedia Brittanica or the Lord of the Rings Trilogy.Claude Mariottini

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